Why Marketing is the True Driver of Sales Enablement

Why Marketing is the True Driver of Sales Enablement

Raul Reyeszumeta
December 15, 2020

When you hear of sales enablement it’s often thought of as just a buzzword. But sales enablement is all-encompassing of everything your sales teams need to do their job effectively – people, processes, and technology, often empowered and lead by marketing. Sales and marketing need to work closely together for any initiative to be effective, how does sales enablement further blend the lines between the two departments?

On this episode of The Maverick of Marketing, host Shannon Maverick speaks with Vinti Singh, Director of Global Marketing at CurveBeam, to discuss the concept and responsibility of “sales enablement”, COVID’s effect on client marketing interactions, and more.

“Sales enablement really is all-encompassing in terms of all of the information and content and tools that your sales teams needs to be able to do their job effectively,” says Singh. “Strategically, that’s the people, the processes, the technology that all contribute to improving sales. Sales enablement really falls into the wheelhouse of both the sales and marketing teams. Sales enablement is one facet of business that I really enjoy because it’s one area where you truly see the distinct line in between sales and marketing really blending in one area where the two teams really do work very closely together.”

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