The Weekly Scale: August 31st

The Weekly Scale: August 31st

Raul Reyeszumeta
August 31, 2020

This week at MarketScale we kept it live, by going live – plus the launch of a new series of original courses, podcast shows and newly certified learners.

Why America’s 5G Infrastructure Must be Built to Close the Digital Divide


5G is an exciting technology that could change the way we do things as a country. Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee is passionate about the new technology and making sure it’s accessible to all Americans. How do we get technology into every corner of the country and how do we close the divide? Listen to this episode of Nokia Today.

Why Continuous Reinvention is Paramount to Sales Performance


Despite many companies seeking new solutions during the pandemic, too few have realized they need to keep reinventing themselves and utilize resources like data and analysis tools rather than staying static. Companies should invest to make sure remote workers are incentivized. How? Listen to this episode of Sales Disruptors.

Reducing the Footprint of Sports

What will the new sustainability in sports look like as sports continue to play this fall? The most important aspect of developing a sustainability strategy is having the mission resonate across an organization both internally, and externally. Watch this episode of Salary Capped to learn more.

The Future of 3D Content

Tech Talks: The Future of 3D Content

3D is becoming more innovative by the day. From augmented experiences, and animated videos, to 3D turntables and live 3D models, the future of product demonstrations and experiences are more realistic for your customers than ever before. Watch this broadcast of Tech Talks.

Bringing Fine Dining into Your Home


Adaption is vital especially during unexpected change. Chef Gabe Erales of Austin’s famed Comedor restaurant, has adopted a meal-kit model during the pandemic. How can others in the industry learn from his pivot? Watch this bonus episode of Run the Pass.

#B2BNeverSleeps so stay up to date on what is happening across B2B on MarketScale. Want to see previous episode of The Weekly Scale? Watch here.


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Raul Reyeszumeta
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