The Weekly Scale: August 10th

Raul Reyeszumeta
August 10, 2020

This week at MarketScale, we brought the sizzle with the live premier of our newest video series Run the Pass, explored the worlds largest energy project, and heard first hand if robots are ready for surgery.

Developing Tools for a Sustainability Strategy


This week on Build for ImpactDaniel Huard was joined by Amy Costello, P.E., of Armstrong Flooring to talk about her mission as an engineer to support the four pillars of impact; Sustainability, Resiliency, Efficiency, and Wellness.

Listen to this episode of Build for Impact.

Robot Surgeons Aren’t Here, But Innovation Is

Dr. Chris O’Grady has become an innovator in the robotic surgery space but said he still considers it more of a personal interest than something he frequently puts into practical application.

Robotic surgeons coming close to the same level of their human counterparts are still a ways off, but there is still reason to be excited about innovations in technology, O’Grady said, especially as information is being shared more widely than ever.

Listen to this episode of Curvebeam Connect.

The Power of Fusion Technology for the Energy Needs of the Future

ITER means “the way” in Latin, but 35 countries around the globe know ITER as one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world.

Robert Pearce, Section Leader, Vacuum Delivery & Installation Section for the ITER Organization, spoke about the drive to create net energy from a fusion device.

Listen to this episode of Getting Technetical.

How LED Technology Is Brightening the Future of Esports

A tour of the facilities to entice the top recruit used to be the purview of college basketball and football, but universities are increasingly using esports to woo students to their campus.

Not only do venues need a beautiful screen to display the action, said Jeff Volk, Vice President of Alpha Video, they also can use the same technology to give attendees a full experience and maximize sponsor exposure.

Listen to this episode of Direct View.

Changing the Menu to Change the Game

In the inaugural episode of Run the Pass, Andre Natera is joined by food and beverage leaders across Austin who have pivoted their business to adapt to the disruptions they have faced in the midst of a pandemic.

The recent situation and changing dynamic worldwide have put an enormous amount of stress on business owners. But, despite everything, some restaurateurs acted quickly; shuffling their business model and adapting to constant changes, saving their restaurant and keeping their workers employed in the process.

Watch Episode 1 of Run the Pass.

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