The Perfect Alignment of Sales and Marketing

The Perfect Alignment of Sales and Marketing

Raul Reyeszumeta
October 23, 2019

Sales and marketing ultimately cannot exist without each other but often they are siloed and inherently selfish to their own goals that don’t necessarily align. But today it is more crucial than ever before that the strategies of both are aligned and compliment each other. And even more importantly, that the two areas collaborate – extensively.

On this episode of Market Makers we talk with Gina Sansivero, VP of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Atlas IED. The idea that sales and marketing should be one is not a new idea, companies with aligned sales and marketing functions generate 208% more revenue from their marketing efforts. 

“I truly believe that a huge part of marketing is sales enablement. Without that concept, without that understanding, a large part of what we do, is sales enablement, then how do you enable a sales organization without really aligning yourselves in goals and strategy and keeping those lines of communication open,” said Sansivero.

Successful organizations understand the importance of extensive collaboration between sales and marketing. How as a marketer do you make sure  goals and strategies align? Listen to the podcast and learn more about how the alignment of sales and marketing can change your organization.


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