The Divide Between Sales and Marketing: Is it just a Stereotype?

The Divide Between Sales and Marketing: Is it just a Stereotype?

Raul Reyeszumeta
January 21, 2020

Expectations drive the stereotypes that often divide sales and marketing departments. Sales expects marketing to create a simple message and deliver qualified leads, and marketing thinks sales wants them to do the work while they travel and entertain.

These assumptions complicate things. But is the divide overhyped?

On this episode of Maverick of Marketing we talk with Marc Bujold, Director of Sales and Marketing for Position Imaging, to discuss true alignment and unification of sales and marketing departments

Today, sales and marketing is realizing now more than ever before that they need each other to succeed.

“They’re working towards the same goal, which is to grow the company,” says Bujold.

Collaboration and Leadership

Facilitating education of roles helps to bridge the gap and encouraging collaboration.

From having marketing join sales calls to hear objections and the information needed for them to have in the field – to having sales join marketing planning to guide the process and help sales become more vested in the end product, the understanding gained is key.

How else can you remove silo’s between these departments?

Listen to the full interview and tune in to previous episodes of the Maverick of Marketing.

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