The biggest days in B2B are powered by MarketScale content.

Build your own Branded Media Channels now and start reaching your customers whenever they are ready to be inspired. From podcasts to virtual events to online learning and more, MarketScale will help you build a growing audience of not just B2B buyers, but subscribers and fans.


What’s your favorite morning show?
Start your own!

Build your own video channels with remote or onsite video production. Promote your content on your website, social channels and more, educating, informing and inspiring your audiences. As industry events move to the cloud, MarketScale is helping B2B marketers increase their flow of video content with insightful thought leadership, interviews, 3D animation and onsite video production when applicable. Today’s business challenges call for digital transformation. Transform your video channels with MarketScale.


Podcasts are the fastest growing content format
in B2B.

Are you ready to have a company podcast on Apple Music or Spotify? Have you seen podcasts powered by MarketScale on LinkedIn? Are you ready for the amazing thought leaders in your company, and at client companies to participate in your very own branded podcast? MarketScale is the market leader in helping B2B marketers launch fast-growing, high-quality podcasts. From hosting, to branding, to editing and distribution, MarketScale delivers a turnkey podcast program, helping you focus on building your own media empire reaching customers whether they are at the office or on the move.

3D Video

It’s Technical.

Good B2B media channels embrace technical content. Animate your products in 3D, helping customers and prospects design solutions around them. Communicate market trends, knowing that an educated audience is more likely to buy your products and reduce your sales costs, while shortening sales cycles. And deliver helpful service content, enabling your customers to learn more about how to engage with your solutions, install your products and win with your brand.

Original Content

The Next Great Reality Show can be Yours

For decades, companies that have their own original content–sometimes even their own TV shows–gain market share and build their brand. Now, you can create your own episodic original content and deliver the same on demand experience your customers enjoy at home. Binge-worthy B2B content? Ask us how to make it possible. The world’s largest companies are making original content one of their biggest investments. But it doesn’t take billions of dollars to create your own show and grow your fanbase. Create your own original content with MarketScale.

Live Video

All Events are
Virtual Events

Even when in-person events return at scale, they must be complemented with a virtual infrastructure. Live streaming, social interaction, omnichannel distribution, remote video capture. If you are attending a virtual event and want to improve your presence we can help. And the best B2B brands are reinvesting in the independent approach of building their own virtual events, gaining more audience interaction, and better analytics and insights. Launching your own virtual event requires a proven strategy, and enterprise grade remote broadcast technology. We’ve built the infrastructure and defined the process. Let’s build your own virtual event and get your B2B event marketing back on track. Wherever they are, whenever you broadcast your event, your customers will be ready to engage and interact!

Online Learning

Education is the Highest Form of Marketing

Imagine having the pre-eminent industry certification be your very own company technical badge. Industry professionals would be posting your company credential to their LinkedIn profile, evangelizing your brand. Economic disruption and digital transformation are driving a need for professionals to refocus on skills, to redefine processes and reinvent job titles and career paths. And with academia evolving to online learning like never before, the time is now to fully embrace educational channels as a marketing vehicle. Educate your employees, educate your customers, deliver industry-leading learning solutions, and take the thought leadership position in your industry. Your customers and employees want to learn more and take control of their skills development and career path. Education is undefeated and you can improve your investments in B2B education with MarketScale.