B2B Marketing is Now Live Broadcasting

Managed Live Video

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Bring live video to your most important meetings, launches and events.

How to get started

  • MarketScale prepares your Brandlive experience
  • You record live video with our production value
  • Reach your audience in real time (up to 10,000 viewers)
  • Measure audience engagement from the live event, and post your completed content to your video player for year-round access

Product Training

Improve customer success and lower customer service expense.

Company Meetings

From critical communications to strategic meeting, address your company in realtime.

Product Launches

Explain your products, demonstrating features and benefits as if you are standing in the room.

Virtual Events

Events exist to educate and inspire. Bring your thought leaders to your audience on demand.

Online Learning

Education is the highest form of marketing. Around the world, universities are businesses are going live with learning.

Quizzes and Assessments

Measure and verify the progress of your learners to tailor future content and recognize achievement.


  • Setup and custom branding.
  • Registration.
  • MarketScale Onsite Video support or production can be broadcast from mobile devices.


  • HD video for massive live audiences. Like a TV channel.
  • Live production studio to manage on-air.
  • Web and mobile ready.


  • Recorded content ready for editing and archiving.
  • Analytics and statistics.
  • Online content library.
  • Content can be uploaded to all website and social channels.

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