Tradeshow Onsite Video

Tradeshow Onsite Video


Tradeshows are important opportunities for companies to showcase their products, connect with current customers, and appeal to prospective customers. They offer one of the few times that all of the right people are in the same room at the same time, so be sure to capitalize! Capturing onsite videos at tradeshows allows you to create several videos in one day. Companies often create product demos, customer testimonials, and industry state of the unions while at tradeshows. Capture video at the show to maximize your investment and leverage the video to generate value long after the show is over. 

Production Checklist

  1. An industry event or tradeshow
  2. Any products or demos that you would like to share
  3. List of interviewees, locations for interviews, and locations for b-roll
  4. Badges for the videographers


  1. Plan ahead and identify the key shows in your industry
  2. Strategize with your DMS around what types of videos will be captured (some options include: product demos, customer testimonials, industry state of the unions, product launches, etc.)
  3. Confirm your list of interviewees prior to the day of filming
  4. Identify locations that should be captured as b-roll around the tradeshow
  5. Day of filming – lights, camera, action!


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