Product Training Soundbite

Product Training Soundbite


Education is the highest form of marketing, and product training is of paramount importance for your customers and end users. Focusing on the “why” behind the product will deepen understanding and in turn inspire more organic knowledge shares and inspiration.

Production Checklist

  1. A thought leader, SME, or partner to showcase the product or technology.
  2. A computer or mobile device to record your video. If software is the content to promote, screen sharing your computer is highly recommended.
  3. 1-2 key points to showcase. Less is more for soundbites, lets focus on a series if the video length gets too long.
  4. MarketScale Studio


  1. Log into MarketScale Studio on your computer to record yourself or record your screen.
  2. Share your screen to record your product demonstration, making sure to highlight why you’re sharing this training. 
  3. If recording wasn’t done in Studio, upload your media and give the recording a title
  4. Leave comments after recording is complete.
  5. After edit is complete, distribute your video to social and internal channels!
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