Partner Spotlight Video

Partner Spotlight


More often than not companies don’t think about showing off their partnerships with vendors and technology providers, but those companies are missing out on a key segment of their community! Use short-form video, such as brief soundbites, to help spotlight partners that are doing excellent work behind the scenes to support your customers’ success.

Production Checklist

  1. Your SME from your partner / vendor
  2. Question(s) for the SME
  3. Stationary camera setup such as a webcam
  4. Front lighting, e.g. a ring light or lamp
  5. A quiet room for video


  1. Login to MarketScale Studio. Click ‘Request Media’ along the main menu bar.
  2. Type in your Subject Matter Expert’s name in the User field. If your SME is not a MarketScale Studio user, simply input their email address and click enter.
  3. Select your Approver – this could be you, your boss, or anyone that needs to approve the content before it is edited.
  4. Input your questions into the Question field, hitting the + icon to add each question.
  5. TIP: Check the templates library to see if there is an applicable set of questions already developed by someone in your organization.
  6. Select who you would like to see your media. Keep MarketScale checked if you would like branding and editing on the piece.
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