New Product Launch Live Broadcast

New Product Launch Live Broadcast


Launching a product is a significant event for any company, and you need to make a splash with your customers. Go live with your product launch to capitalize on the buzz around your brand. Live event pages help to capture information from potential leads and live chat windows allow for Q&A related to product specifications and capabilities.

Production Checklist

  1. Key people that can speak to the product capabilities and markets served
  2. Any product demos, presentation aids, or props that you can use the elevate the broadcast and show real applications
  3. Vector files of branded elements printed onto your products (logos, labels, numbers, etc.)
  4. Product photography for our designers to use a reference for the product materials in real life


  1. Determine a broadcast date for your event
  2. Coordinate schedules with your team to confirm the date works
  3. Contact your DMS to discuss planning and strategy for your event
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