Industry Roundtable Broadcast

Industry Roundtable Broadcast


To shift your customer base to a community is to create trust, loyalty, and brand validation for your company. Live events are a powerful way to both build or engage your community, and generate impactful data for your sales and marketing teams to reference.

Production Checklist

  1. .Book your broadcast
  2. Guests for your roundtable
  3. Outline
  4. Content you want to display during the roundtable


  1. Strategize with your DMS on the concept of your broadcast
  2. Lock in the guests that are going to be on the broadcast
  3. Use the MarketScale booking tool to book your live broadcast
  4. Work with your DMS to provide all the necessary information so your host can create an outline of the show
  5. Schedule your tech rehearsal for the week leading up to your event
  6. Have a wonderful live broadcast!
  7. Review the registrant data post-show to have leads to follow up with
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