Showcase Product Through Augmented Reality

How to Showcase Your Product Through Augmented Reality


At this point, you have a well-stocked 3D library of product rotations and 3D videos of your flagship products. But it may be difficult for your customers to imagine what your product will look like in their space. With augmented reality (AR), they can superimpose a 3D representation of your product wherever they’d like, in the real world. This can help your customers visualize design elements and how the product fits in their office or factory. AR will transform customer perception and facilitate a more holistic understanding of how your product aligns with their needs.

Production Checklist

  1. CAD STEP files of your products.


  1. Gather the CAD STEP file for the product you want to showcase.
  2. MarketScale will generate a storyboard for your approval.
  3. Using the approved Storyboard, MarketScale will produce your final AR for approval and immediate distribution.
  4. Follow the content promotion checklist to ensure you are maximizing the value of your new video
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