Holiday Soundbite Message

Holiday Soundbite Message


Tis the season and what better way to engage your communities with a little bit of holiday cheer. Take it up a notch and engage your own employees by reciting each of their own greetings or if you want to be creative, record a poem or story and split it into parts and assign a part for each employee and watch the magic of the holiday season unfold!

Production Checklist

  1. Chosen people within your company to participate
  2. Holiday cheer
  3. A recording prompt or a written out script/poem or story.


  1. Log into MarketScale Studio
  2. Use the “Request Media” feature to send media requests to those individuals you want to capture from. Place your question or prompt letting them know what to share about.
  3. Your media clips will be in your Inbox as you receive them, ready for you to approve.
  4. When you have received your requests, tag each of the videos and offer direction in the comments. When complete with providing direction, mark as Ready for Edit.
  5. Our editors will begin editing and your completed video will be uploaded to your feed.
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