Executive Leadership Podcast

Executive Leadership Podcast


There is no one better to begin your podcast journey than your President, CEO and/or Founder. Kicking off your podcast channel with their background of the business sets the tone for the direction of your episodes, and encourages the rest of the company to participate in a production.

Production Checklist

  1. A scheduled podcast with a MarketScale host
  2. President, CEO, or another member of the executive leadership team
  3. A well-lit room with a strong internet connection
  4. MarketScale Studio
  5. A call to action or a firm takeaway for the audience


  1. Log in to MarketScale Studio at the time of your podcast recording
  2. Make sure your camera and microphone settings are set to the correct inputs
  3. Record your podcast
  4. The MarketScale team will take care of the editing
  5. Share out the final piece!
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