Company Culture Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight


Employee spotlights are critical media pieces for HR, culture, and sales. This recipe will help you to rapidly scale spotlights for your individual employees, just follow these steps:

Production Checklist

  1. Your employee(s) you want to spotlight
  2. Question(s) for the employee(s)
  3. Stationary camera setup such as a webcam
  4. Front lighting, e.g. a ring light or lamp
  5. A quiet room for video


  1. Login to MarketScale Studio. Click ‘Request Media’ along the main menu bar.
  2. Type in your Employee(s) name(s) in the User field. Remember, if he/she is not a MarketScale Studio user, simply input their email address and click enter.
  3. Select yourself as the approver in Step 2. Remember, this could also be your boss, or anyone that needs to approve the content before it is edited.
  4. Input your questions into the Question field, hitting the + icon to add each question.
  5. TIP: Check the templates library to see if there is an applicable set of questions already developed by someone in your organization!
  6. Select who you would like to see your media. Don’t forget to keep MarketScale checked if you would like branding and editing on the piece.
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