Customer Support Screen Capture Video

Customer Support Screen Capture Video


Guide your customers through your software and website with screen capture. When you educate your customers and potential customers, they’re more likely to buy, use and recommend your products and services.

Production Checklist

  1. Smart phone, lap top, tablet device
  2. Studio access
  3. A microphone
  4. 2-3 topics to explain in a how to manner


  1. You can use either course builder or media uploader to upload multiple clips that can be used to answer your customer questions.
  2. Record an intro video of yourself on screen explaining a common question or topic your customers have
  3. For the next video use the screen recording option to walk through the process in real-time explaining each step along the way and the possible pain points at each step.
  4. Review the videos to ensure they are up to your quality
  5. Hit approve and MarketScale will start editing!
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