Company Culture Onsite Video

Company Culture Onsite Video


Company culture videos are dynamic for a number of uses. They not only show off your people, purpose and values to customers, but are also excellent recruiting tools. Today more than ever, customers and employers want to know the values of companies. Often times, a video is the first opportunity your company has to make a great impression on prospects and potential employees.

Production Checklist

  1. 3-4 employees from various departments within your company. Ideally, they represent a diverse set of experiences within the company too
  2. A list of questions about your company culture, story, history
  3. A well-lit, quiet space to set up for interviews
  4. MarketScale’s video production team


  1. Meet with your DMS to strategize the video idea and logistics
  2. Confirm which people can participate in the video
  3. Confirm a date to have the MarketScale video team on-site
  4. Prepare your office environment for filming (cleaning all areas, alerting your team that a video crew will be on-site)
  5. Watch instructional MarketScale videos about video best practices
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