Paid Time On: MarketScale Adventure Program Launch

Paid Time On: MarketScale Adventure Program Launch

Emily Rector
February 21, 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of the Paid Time On: MarketScale Adventure program for our employees.

Paid Time On: MarketScale Adventure Program, or M.A.P., will enable our employees to achieve greatness through personally directed adventures outside of the office. From outdoor adventures and educational ambitions to philanthropic initiatives exploring the world, we will provide a flexible and unique working structure and the subsidization for our employees to go on an adventure each year.

With a February 2022 launch, employees will embark on these company-sponsored adventures that will provide new perspectives, skills, growth, and development that can only be achieved through these unique experiences. From volunteering to build homes to taking a weeklong course at a university, or even learning a new skill like scuba diving or becoming a pilot – the goal is that each adventure leads to personal achievements and positively impacts communities around the world in areas such as outdoor, community, health, education, or philanthropy.

We challenge our employees to always be growing, learning, and becoming better versions of themselves every day. These trips will aim to empower our employees to travel and experience new communities, learn and develop skills and help others around the world.

These adventures can be taken solo, with coworkers or friends and family, and we will offer a unique working structure for employees to work remotely a few hours each day through the duration while not utilizing any PTO.

As a company focused on the enrichment of the lives of their employees, we believe that these adventures will continue to build our MarketScale community and completely support our core values of craving knowledge, aiming to empower, delivering results, being authentic and challenging the status quo.

We are excited for the launch of Paid Time On: MAP for our employees to experience adventures, develop new skills and grow in their careers.

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