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Women Making an Impact in Manufacturing

How can you create an environment for employee’s that “makes magic happen” – one in which they are engaged in their work and feel connected to the rest of the world?

On this episode of Maverick of Marketing, we talk with Rachel Camarillo, the founder and chair of the Women in Manufacturing Washington (WiM0) Chapter. Rachel moved into a manufacturing role in 2014 and has become a strong voice for women who work in manufacturing. “I wanted to find support for myself and other women in a manufacturing career. And when I found about WiM, I loved their mission of promoting and inspiring women in the field and wanted to start a chapter here in Seattle,” said Rachel.

 While women make up half of the workforce in the United States, only 1/3 of them are in manufacturing. When talking about women working, in order to make an impact they have to work together.

The Washington WiM chapter will soon celebrate its first anniversary and is focused on making an impact in their area and giving women the help and guidance, they need to navigate a career in manufacturing. Rachel added, “Women make up about half of the workforce but only one-third of manufacturing jobs. We want to be a place where women can lift each other up and succeed together.”

Listen to the full episode of the Maverick of Marketing to hear Rachel’s story and the growth of women in manufacturing.