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Why You Should Build Your Own HR Portal

Building an HR Portal

The Human Resources department is often the main line of communication for employees. As Director, People and Development for MarketScale, one of my main goals is to keep employees engaged and informed about our benefits, events and news.

The company-wide email, while effective, is often overlooked, and implementing our own HR Portal has been instrumental in distributing company updates in a centralized location.

Our intranet also houses important documents that employees need frequent access to, such as parking garage forms, insurance benefits, and the employee handbook.

SharePoint Success

Our biggest challenge was figuring out how we would build an intranet that would be fully customizable while also fulfilling a need for a streamlined source of company knowledge. That’s where utilizing SharePoint stepped in. SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. The platform allows for customizable webpages that are accessible only by people your company email domain.

Using SharePoint has been very intuitive. Making edits, adding news updates and creating quick links on our portal is simple. We were also able to make the HR Portal the homepage for many of our employee browsers, making it the first thing they see when turning on their computer to start the workday.

Sparking Initiatives  

While the HR Portal’s main goal was to deliver news and updates, it has also sparked other beneficial company initiatives that focus on employee recognition. Every week, we do an Employee Spotlight on a member of the MarketScale team. The spotlight goes into details of the person’s role at our company, their outlook on their department and fun facts about the person. It has been an incredible way to highlight the talented members of our team.

Build Your Own HR Portal 

With all the success of our HR Portal, I encourage any human resources department to take the time to create a similar centralized intranet for employees. We continue to update and make improvements to ours every day and are proud to have built a wonderful resource for our employees.