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February 12, 2020
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March 6, 2020

Why Should B2B Companies Invest in Creative Resources?

Why is creativity so vital for B2B companies today, when traditionally it has been ignored – leading to many companies being labeled as mundane or boring?

On this weeks episode of Maverick of Marketing we talk with Michael Ruby, a veteran B2B marketer of over 15 years and former Creative Director at Flexport, to discuss the value of creativity in an organization.

The world doesn’t turn without B2B companies, but often the stories of those companies aren’t properly told. B2B is more complex and abstract, sales cycles are longer and more stakeholders involved in purchasing decisions and on top of all of that there are more channels than ever before.

“When you think about that landscape and the complexity of the challenges that are there,” said Ruby, “you need creative solutions in order to be able to break out, when you add to the fact that everyone is beginning is to play with the same marketing technologies it all becomes a bit commoditized in terms of the tools that we have ahead of us.

And the tools are only as good as the content put into them. Investing in ideas, content, and experiences help build relationships and authenticity with audiences. At the end of the day – storytelling is paramount.

Listen to the full episode of the Maverick of Marketing.