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Why is Storytelling Vital to Connecting with Customers?

Storytelling is often a primary differentiator in helping businesses connect and communicate with customers. And customers after all,  are the lifeblood of our businesses. Stories help them to digest information easily and to connect them to information that often helps  positively and easily associate it with a product or business and with it, create memorable associations.

Sometimes we just miss the mark completely in connecting with our customers. We don’t communicate a message or story correctly, or maybe we use the wrong channel. But when done correctly, you not only find customers, but fans.

Solo Stove, a manufacturer of portable and durable stainless steel fire pits, has excelled in connecting with buyers by telling their customers stories. While storytelling has been a key component in the growth of their brand (in addition to building a reliable premium product), one of the primary elements to their success, has been the mediums in which they have effectively engaged with their buyers – and fans.

Join Tim Maitland, Executive Vice President of Business Development at MarketScale, and John Merris, CEO of Solo Stove, live this Thursday at 12:30pm et/11:30am ct as they talk storytelling essentials, the growing importance of social media for all businesses now more than ever, and why going live is here to stay.

Register now to watch live, and be entered for the chance to win a Solo Stove as they give away one on air!