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September 30, 2020
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The Roaring ’20s: A Virtual Awards Gala with Tech Titans

Tech Titans Roading Twenties Awards Galas

Awards season typically conjures images of red carpets and limos, black tie attire, and lavish hors d’oeurves and cocktails. But it’s 2020, so that would be a little off base. We are in the era of virtual events, so forget the limo and red carpet – but the rest just might be accurate.

This Friday, Oct. 23rd, the Tech Titans Awards Gala, will recognize the technology industry’s elite across North Texas and highlight the individuals and companies who are transforming, innovating and leading tech forward. An event celebrating technology is being powered by it at a level unlike ever before. The incredible value of virtual events and the technology that powers it should not be lost on any of us. It eliminates barriers of time and geography while also continuing to connect us all.

Be sure to register to watch as the innovators, adopters and executors within each category are awarded – from corporate innovation and technology adopter to emerging CEO, technology inventor and more. Will you join us? Register here and see below for a list of finalists.


See below for a list of the finalists.

Corporate Innovation Award 

Recognizes outstanding innovation and unique accomplishments through recent or potential breakthrough technology or approach within the technology and communications industry.

Emerging Company Innovation Award

Recognizes outstanding innovation and unique accomplishments through potential breakthrough technology, processes or services within the technology and communications industry.

Emerging Company CEO Award

Recognizes CEO leadership for an emerging company within the technology and communications industry.

Corporate CIO Award

Recognizes the Chief Information Officer for exceptional technical leadership that fosters the deployment of IT resulting in significant value for the company.

Corporate CTO Award

Recognizes technical leadership, team building, creation and maintenance of a creative environment, and market awareness skills.

Technology Adopter Award

Recognizes a company whose core business is not technology products/services for outstanding adoption and application of innovative technologies to successfully change and impact its business results.

Technology Inventor Award

The Technology Inventors Award recognizes the pioneering accomplishments of a person, team or group responsible for the creation of breakthrough ideas, processes or products which have advanced the discipline(s) of the arts, education, electronics, energy, engineering, environment, medicine, and/or science.

Technology Advocate Award

Recognizes a technology advocate/champion for their outstanding leadership in assisting, advancing or accelerating the performance of technology companies and/or the technology community.

Join this Friday, October 23rd at 3:15 pm CT, register now.