Ventus tradeshow robot transforms DSE 2017 Presence!

Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2017 is a spectacle of the sights and sounds of digital AV technology. Focusing primarily on digital signage for industries ranging from hospitality to sports and entertainment, DSE is one of the world’s leading AV events. 

Enterprise telecommunications company, Ventus, brought a spectacle of their own with a walking, talking tradeshow ROBOT which increased foot traffic and engagement to their booth.

Event marketing remains one of the highest ROI of all marketing activities, with relevent scanned trade show attendee data an important lead source for exhibitors throughout the year. Investments that drive traffic to your booth are often very positive. Having a reason to visit, engage and exchange information is critical to success. 

Unlike some digital marketing activities, this is one of the processes that is impossible to automate, but with a tradeshow robot, Ventus is getting pretty close!