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April 24, 2020
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Top 10 MarketScale Media Channels

B2B Podcast Channels

Owning media channels is more important for B2B brands than ever before. While traditionally used for self-serving communication, today they are vital channels to educate, inform and inspire audiences – nurturing relationships, delivering thought leadership and providing increasing value.

While brands have focused on video as a primary medium to engage audiences, podcasting is growing more than ever before, becoming a vital media channel for brands. An estimated 37% of Americans have listened to podcasts in the last month, and US weekly podcasts listeners averaged six podcasts in the last week.

Podcasts inspire conversations by communicating with niche audiences. Brands that are producing podcasts provide an incredibly valuable platform for company and industry thought leaders to connect and communicate in authentic ways across their markets and with those niche audiences.

Here are ten of our favorite podcast channels, right now.

Connect Cast with Curvebeam, Healthcare

A monthly podcast show that speaks with industry leading doctors and experts who discuss new innovations and insights into orthopedic imaging.

Drones in America with Grant Guillot, Software & Technology

From the history of drones and new technology, to policy and the rapidly growing commercial market, this podcast shows interviews thought leaders, influencers and experts from around the world to speak on America’s evolving drone industry.

Fusion by Electrosonic, Pro AV

This podcast show breaks down how the latest technology in Pro AV is driving storytelling and creating lasting experiences. The art of engineering is  front and center, giving insight into some of the most interesting and entertaining projects around the world.

Manufacturing a Stronger Standard by DeGeest Steel Works, Engineering & Construction

A podcast show to solve challenges and help manufacturers achieve more through people, technology, and DeGeest’s belief that anything is possible. 

Nokia Today by Nokia

This podcast show discusses network technology trends that shape policymaker, enterprise and industry decisions.

On Air by Pinnacle, IOT

This podcast show covers custom technology solutions to ensure the future of business across every industry, from cybersecurity to innovative IT implementation. 

Recalibrate with Samsung Networks, IOT

A podcast show that discusses how technology is changing the way we work, connect and live our lives as we stop just re-imagining things and move to actually changing them.

Retail Refined with Melissa Gonzalez, Retail

Exploring in-store and e-commerce technologies of the future, this podcast show talks with retail’s biggest names to understand the brand strategies that will define the next decade of retail.

Remote Possibilities with Kevin Hogan, Education Technology

This EdTech podcast explores the trends and possibilities in online learning and remote education.

Roboticist Chronicles by ARC Specialties, Engineering & Construction

Automation improves people’s lives. Allowing ‘bots to do the dirty, dangerous and monotonous work lets people be safer, more efficient, and work on more creative endeavors. Find out all the ways how on this podcast show.

Interested in finding more B2B podcasts across healthcare, transportation, sports and entertainment and more? Visit the MarketScale Podcast Network.

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