How Thought Leadership Drives Life Long Learning

Every day, industry professionals get up and go to work striving to become the expert in their respective field. But not every industry professional goes out of their way on a daily basis to actively learn about or interact with industry leaders and events. You may ask; isn’t the daily grind enough to stay thoughtful on and engaged with your industry? Brandon Pfluger, Business Development Manager at MarketScale, doesn’t think so.


“Seeking is about finding things out and keeping up to date and being eager to learn something new to fine tune your skillset,” Pfluger said. “Developing yourself as an individual in a company is an important piece, but making sense of things and then sharing that out in your own words and your own thoughts is really where a lot of your development comes from.”

Thought leaders like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Warren Buffet manage to find the time to read everyday with some of the busiest schedules in the country. But it’s more than just reading or informing yourself; these individuals spread that education through the world by speaking at industry events, writing blogs, and creating podcasts.

Pfluger joins us on MarketScale Thought Leaders to detail why thought leadership and creating content of your own is the best way to stand out, fit in and rise up within your industry.