Content Marketing vs. Product Marketing
Content Marketing vs. Product Marketing
September 18, 2019
A Consultant’s Perspective on Marketing
October 21, 2019

The Visual Side of Storytelling

On this episode of “Here’s What I Know” we sat down with MarketScale Business development manager, Nick Bruce, to discuss the power of Storytelling in B2B.

Bruce and host Tyler Kern break down why it’s important to leverage visual storytelling when communicating to your customers and why it’s vital that B2B companies incorporate visual content into marketing strategies.

Any good marketer will tell you that the creation of good quality content is crucial to achieve success in today’s world. But what type of content is most effective?

We have more data at our disposal than ever that allows us to make to make logical business decisions. But, every day emotional decisions are still made. Why is that? Listen to the podcast.