The Lewis Hamilton Dynasty in F1

Formula 1 attracts fans all over world for a variety of reasons. Some people love the speed, while others are drawn to the precision of the machines. For MarketScale’s Tim Maitland, Brandon Pfluger, and Logan King, they all approach the sport from the same perspective: their love of cars.


While they’ve all been fans of cars for a long time, their introduction to F1 has come about much more recently. The question that exists for many new fans of the sport is whether or not Lewis Hamilton’s run of dominance has diminished their enjoyment of F1.
“The closest parallel that I can make here is what Tiger Woods has done for the game of golf,” says Logan. “In the case of Lewis Hamilton, whether or not you’re rooting for him or you’re not, people are tuning in.”
Brandon points out that having a rock star like Lewis Hamilton hanging out with celebrities in the U.S. brings a level of visibility to the sport that hasn’t always existed in the past. In today’s world that is increasingly driven by social media, it’s important to have stars that resonate with people around the world.
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