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The Importance of Personalization and Design for Your B2B Website

Over the years, B2B websites have changed from the internet brochure format of the 1990s to a modern-day design with elevated functionality that allows customers to easily and seamlessly get to know a company online. However, many websites have not aligned with today’s experience culture, and a number of sites still present a traditional, stagnant feel, with little to no personalization that would enable them to better engage with their audience.

This week on Maverick of Marketing, Shannon Maverick and Taylor Bagley speak with Andrew Palacios—both the Founder, Owner & Lead Web Designer of Andrew Palacios Web Design, as well as the Marketing Director for Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing. These positions place Palacios in two different areas of the B2B sector—the technical products side, and also, helping marketers enhance their websites to not only be the ultimate sales tool, but the ultimate lead-generating machine as well.

“B2B’ers are kind of understanding that the same people purchasing Netflix and Spotify are the exact same people who are buying software and B2B services, and they expect that same level of design, branding and synchrony when they’re purchasing on [for example] the Mailchimp website, as they would expect from Netflix.” Palacios continued, “That’s kind of the trend that I’ve at least started to witness in B2B web design.”

Bagley and Maverick also talk about marketing to Gen Z. In recent years, marketers have been catering to the influences of the Millennial generation, often forgetting about Gen Z – a generation with differing experience and beliefs, that will soon be decision-makers. As such, marketers must now shift gears to ensure they are in line with the expectations of this next generation.

“They’re [Gen-Z’ers] interacting with content and content creators at a much higher volume than Millennials were when we were at their age,” said Bagley. “You have to sell to a Gen-Z person a little more subtly—they’ve been x-ing out of popup ads since they were 3-years old.”

To hear Palacios’ tips and tricks for both optimizing and transforming B2B websites into lead generating machines, and what marketers should know to create strong relationships and deliver great experiences for the up and coming Gen-Z generation, listen to the Maverick of Marketing now.