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October 28, 2019
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November 5, 2019

The Importance of Education in Marketing

Education in Marketing

Today in the digital age we are inundated with information and therefore the way people are persuaded has evolved. It’s imperative that marketers authentically answer what problem your business solving for, and what its value is.

The [marketing] chicken or the egg?

Do the way humans digest information dictate how companies market to them? Or is it the way companies market that dictate how we consume information and engage with the marketplace?

It’s not a question that can be easily answered. But no matter what we know that business is continuously changing, and companies that can communicate their value proposition clearly and concisely will win their industry.

Education is the highest form of marketing

Marketing is shifting from answering what, to explaining why. And thus marketing is becoming an art, with a business application. This week we speak with Carl Rossini, of the Art Institute of Dallas, discussing education, the shift of marketing from fantasy to real, and elevating the next generation of marketers.

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