The Art of Branding Yourself

Marketing has become both an art and a science. With changing algorithms, an increased number of tools, and more data and analytics than can be digested by even an entire marketing team – it can be hard to keep up. Pair that with the variety of content types and mediums, and marketing has transformed into a carefully analyzed art form. 

How do you create content engaging, inspiring or educational enough for a user to stop scrolling and digest it? We spoke with Denis McInerny, Creative Producer at MarketScale, about the art of branding in the first episode of Here’s What I Know.



McInerny knows social media marketing like few do. He recently wrapped up a yearlong performance art piece as a micro-influencer, crafting a faux-public persona from scratch. To do this, he immersed himself in the social media micro-influencer realm and built a brand for himself, showing how a person or organization can utilize their following to engage and push a narrative. 

He follows this motto: “Don’t take yourself too seriously, but take everything you do seriously.”

Instagram’s new algorithm prioritizes profiles that have a high page engagement on past posts. McInerny saw this firsthand, and the more he connected with his audience, the higher the engagement was. Staying consistent with audience engagement almost guarantees the algorithm will help a brand, instead of hurting it.

From LinkedIn to Twitter, Instagram and beyond, social platforms are used to build brands. According to Sprout Social, 61 percent of social marketers prioritize social media posts that teach, 58 percent focus on telling a story and 53 percent focus on posts that inspire. It is vital for individuals to develop a personal brand by building channels that authentically engage networks with their story, often both personal and professional.

“Be whatever you want to be, but you need to be able to tell that story efficiently, effectively and in a way that people want to interact with,” says McInerny.

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