Winning at the Sport of Content Marketing


As the Super Bowl approaches, the single most important game in the National Football League and one of the most iconic sporting events in the world, we can see just how alike sports and marketing really are. How are these teams preparing for the biggest game of the year? They are using their data to develop a winning strategy that gives them their competitive edge. They are watching film and seeing which plays will be successful against their opponents. Content marketing, surprisingly to some, should be treated in the same fashion.

Nick Bruce

“If you don’t have data in place and you’re just pumping out content, you’re treading water, you’re not moving anywhere. We need to know what’s working and what’s not and take that information and allow us to move forward,” Nick Bruce, Business Development Manager at MarketScale, said on today’s episode of MarketScale Thought Leaders.

Right now, studies show that around 65% of marketers in the small to mid size range have a hard time producing engaging content, and the same percentage claims that they aren’t able to measure their ROI on the content that they produce. Without data, these marketers won’t be able to develop that winning strategy, and they’ll continue working hard with only hopes of positive results. We sat down with Bruce who breaks down this philosophy and delivers insight on this issue marketers are facing, as well as how to win at the sport of content marketing.