Sony’s Rise & Canon’s Demise

About eight years ago, Canon started to dominate the video market with its 5D MKII camera lineup. Being able to capture high quality 1080p video and beautiful photos in one body was a huge selling point to filmmakers. Canon sat on this throne for many years, with little innovation or change to their DSLR lineup.


Recently, Sony decided to do something about this and released a revolutionary mirrorless camera.
This camera was smaller, but more powerful than the Canon competitive camera. Every new model of the Sony A series cameras was better than the rest. Videographers and photographers alike wanted a piece of the Sony pie because these cameras were giving close to the same results as cameras two to three times their price point. Soon after its launch of the series, Sony dominated the market that Canon once held.
Over the past year, Canon has tried to catch up, but its technology has fallen short. Sony learned from Canon’s shortcomings and created a product that targeted the Indie Video Professional. Sony now reigns as champion on the small form video camera, and Canon has been left in the dust. The moral of the story? Know your audience, and never stop innovating your product.
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