Rebranding Like the Jonas Brothers

In the world of music, 2019 has been the year of the Jonas Brothers. After a six-year hiatus from making music as a band, they are back, bigger and better than they ever were before. But anyone who has listened to the group’s new singles like “Sucker” and “Cool,” knows that they are not the same Disney Channel band that initially rose to fame.
The trio has ditched its family-friendly façade to pursue a new, more mature audience this time around. This rebrand may be stark for a band, but it is actually a common technique for businesses in all industries looking to enter new markets or reposition themselves among the competition.


Companies undergo a rebrand when they try to capture a new audience, have a bad reputation, a stale image, and for many other reasons.
With the band’s new popular hits, it is only natural to draw the comparison of how a B2B company can also revel in the success of a comeback. On the latest Here’s What I Know podcast, Director of Operations Emily Rector and Senior Digital Marketing Strategist Cameron Cooper, MarketScale’s own in-house Jonas Brothers experts, reminisce on their past 12 years as Jonas Brothers super fans and discuss how big brands could learn a thing or two from boy bands when it comes to rebranding.
From a new sound and look, to being more open about their personal lives and a lot more adult content, the Jonas Brothers are using a rebrand as a launching pad. This same transition can be seen in well-known companies who have done a rebrand themselves – like Apple Inc. and Domino’s Pizza.
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