Play Ball! Quantitative Analytics Moves From Front Office to Dugout

Since Moneyball, data analytics has been at the forefront of baseball discussion. However, the analytical minds behind the data have typically worked in the front office, instead of in the dugout, focusing primarily on building a winning roster, instead of in-game management.

As America celebrates Opening Day today for our National Pastime, the Wall Street Journal today published an interesting piece about Sig Mejdal, an analyst in the Houston Astros organization who has truly gone from ‘quant’ to ‘coach’.

Will we see more quantitative analysts suit up in uniform and participate in the dugout?

B2B marketers and executives can consider this same strategy as applicable in their business. Maybe I’m biased, but often the Data and Analytics leaders within an organization have an objective view on strategy that can complement, enhance or outperform the ‘gut’ decisions made through years of niche market experience.

Check out the link to the Wall Street Journal article here and make sure to consider how it might relate to your business!