MarketScale Original Series: Changing the Business of Baseball with the Savannah Bananas

MarketScale Sports and Entertainment, presents our trailer for our upcoming Savannah Bananas series debut, highlighting the challenges, processes, opportunities, technologies and leadership lessons from owning and operating a ‘fans first’ baseball team.

Fans First Entertainment, founded by Jesse Cole, author of ‘Find Your Yellow Tux’, is changing the game of baseball, one Savannah summer evening at a time.

With a unique approach to entertainment, applying techniques first seen in business and baseball from pioneers such as Bill Veeck and Walt Disney, Fans First entertainment is breaking attendance records and generating profitable growth, contradicting current trends in baseball.

It starts with an obsession for service coupled with unmatched creativity. But what keeps fans cheering late into ballgames, enjoying the concessions and on field baseball reflects a well-tuned operation.

From point-of-sale systems to digital marketing, to professional audio-visual, the Savannah Bananas operation is a microcosm of the larger sporting events, with an amplified energy and attention to detail.

Over the next few weeks, MarketScale will document the Savannah Bananas process in preparing and executing opening day; the behind the scenes challenges and the logistics of serving thousands of fans throughout the process.

This is a story of B2B success. While the on-field antics and crazy stadium promotions may have you feeling like you’re at the ballgame, the business lessons, the essential products, processes and services and its application in key markets such as Professional AV, Retail and Sports and Entertainment make this an inspiring and educational original production.

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