How Organizations Can Prevent Skill Shortages
How Organizations Can Prevent Skill Shortages
January 4, 2021
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April 28, 2021

MarketScale Launches New, Content-Focused Website to Empower Your Media Channels

The future of content, the future of media, and the future of reaching your audience all have something in common – they’re also the future of B2B.

Over the last year, MarketScale has seen a dramatic shift toward a B2B landscape where only the brands embracing this perspective and crafting high-quality, owned media content are thriving.

That’s why we want to empower you to join them.

Our new website, live right now, is tailored to meet B2B’s desire for relevant industry content, courses, live events, and more.

It’s the homepage of B2B, and we want you to be featured among the stories driving the narrative in your industry and beyond.

On the new, you’ll find:

  • The latest online education, training tools and information about the direction of your industry – a conversation you can help lead.
  • Engaging industry content, from powerful series to insightful podcasts and live events.
  • More than 30 original MarketScale shows with a total of over 100 B2B shows.
  • Regular industry roundtables featuring the brightest minds in B2B.

It’s not about content for the sake of content. It’s about owning the conversation, building an audience, owning your message, and meeting your audience where they are with the forms of content they’re already consuming.

MarketScale is proud to continue helping you own your own holistic media channels, and the new homepage of B2B is another tool in your arsenal for doing just that.

To learn more, visit to check it out today.