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MarketScale Contributor Shares Insights on Fox Business

Drones in America launched in February with Grant Guillot, a Partner at Adams and Reese LLP who leads their Unmanned Aircraft Systems Practice Team and is an advisor for Drone Services Providers. The show, airing every Wednesday, regularly features industry trailblazers and focuses on UAV technology, public perception, law, and policy. To date, Guillot has hosted a variety of influential guests across the drone industry, and has since been asked to contribute as en expert on Fox Business.

From founders, presidents and CEOs of leading drone tech companies to journalists, White House advisors and responders, notable guests have included:

When it comes to drones and their applications, Guillot is definitely an expert, and Drones in America has become a platform to connect with thought leaders across the industry. It has also created opportunities for his expertise to be shared to an even wider audience, as he’s been asked to contribute to stories as an expert on network news.

Guillot was first called on as an expert by Fox Business in April after a journalist heard about his Drones in America podcast from several leaders in the industry and began listening. Guillot spoke regarding Draganfly drones being able to monitor and identify those with a fever and the level of accuracy. He previously had Draganfly CEO Cameron Chell join him on an episode of Drones in America.

Grant on Fox Business

This past week, Guillot was featured as an expert on Fox Business once again, this time regarding the NYPD considering an investment in “pandemic drones” and the balance between privacy and public health.

Grant on Fox Business

Check out all episodes of Drones in America here.

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