MarketScale Continuing Education: Technical Training, New Skills, Better Client Outcomes

Marketing and technology are completely connected. From website platforms and SEO to 3D design from CAD files, animated motion graphics and sound engineering, delivering winning content, distribution and analytics is more technical than ever before.

Fortunately, the digital continuing education landscape makes it easier than ever before for professionals to invest the time in learning new skills. Recently, over 18 employees completed their MarketScale-sponsored Continuing Education programs, making up the Summer Class of 2018! This is our second graduation in the last six months, with over 100 completed courses.

Thomas Riley, MarketScale Director of Analytics: “Continuing Education is a must to keep up with the best and brightest in today’s marketing technology, and data analytics landscape. And it has been a lot of fun to collaborate with my colleagues as we’ve pursued new certifications and competencies. Even better is seeing our people put their learnings in motion for clients immediately. By investing in our training we are able to better serve our customers.”

Stay tuned for the Fall Class of 2018! More technical training, creative workshops and new certifications means new skills and better customer outcomes.