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April 22, 2020
Differentiating your Brand
Maverick of Marketing: Differentiating Your Brand
May 13, 2020

How Can B2B Brands Communicate, Educate and Entertain?

The tools and technologies now necessary for businesses making a digital transformation as they work from home, are many of the same tools used daily by marketers. From video communication and podcasts to conversational marketing – these are the tools and technologies that power marketing and media. But still, there is an adjustment across all business units. Communication has changed as in-person, face-to-face conversations, have been virtually eliminated.

So what is the new normal? On this episode of the Maverick of Marketing radio show host Shannon Maverick, talks with MarketScale Senior Director of Marketing, Lauren Farrell.

The new normal is an expedited version of digital transformation – especially when it comes to communication. It’s not just the what or why we are communicating, it’s how. So, how are you communicating and what are the best ways to connect with our audiences?

Traditionally, how you communicate has always been the same. A significant amount was in person. But now that how is changing. There is a higher level of adoption of podcasts, video and live mediums, as they replace that human interaction – from trainings and tradeshows to product launches and everyday meetings.

Digital transformation is an immediate necessity, and while this can be difficult, it is actually incredibly beneficial as business leaders look to the future.

Adapting to an expedited timeline for digital transformation that prioritizes  video as the primary medium to communicate is simpler than it might sound. There is a sense of community being built around what we’re watching and engaging with, both personally and professionally.

“We have to be comfortable with video being embedded in everything we’re doing,” says Farrell. From how you talk to customers, prospects, and colleagues, to how you hold events. It’s an opportunity to still connect and interact. So how can you be creative in using video?

Video isn’t just one-way communication anymore, it’s two-way, and interactive. From webinars and live broadcasts to virtual events and product launches. “It’s not as much talking at your audience, but talking with your audience,” says Farrell.

A big priority for businesses today needs to be owning and building media channels that provide edutainment, from podcasts, to video and live.

How can you educate but also entertain as a brand, thought leader and industry? Right now most content is digital, so how do you stand out?”

Listen to this full episode of the Maverick of Marketing to learn more.