Does Your Brand Pass the Swag Test?

The Swag Test:

To evaluate the impact of your brand, consider the swag test.  Offer potential or existing clients a hat or some other bit of wearable swag that bears your brand.  Would they wear it like a John Deere hat?  If you don’t have the necessary swag, don’t worry. The following questions also work as a useful thoughtg experiment: 

  • Do/Would members of your target audience want to wear and show off your brand? 
  • Do/Would they actively seek to identify themselves with your values and voice?  
  • Does or Would your brand provide customers a means of self-expression?
  • Do/Wouldthey want to be part of what your brand stands for?  Do they know what that is?  
  • Do/Would they want to hop on your “brand”-wagon?  

Obviously, a brand can still be effective without necessarily inspiring that kind of allegiance. But it’s certainly nice if it does!  

What do/would you need to do inspire that kind of brand loyalty?