Content Marketing with 3D Product Animation

B2B marketers are leveraging new mediums to demonstrate their technology, premium differentiators, and profitably grow within key markets. We work in a digital world with every brand’s constant stream of content competes across platforms ranging from social media, to blogs and industry events. No matter what industry you are in, it’s important for your brand to have a regular schedule of video, social media, and anything possible to engage with your customers and prospects. But the reality is that some products require marketers to go to greater lengths to explain. Some products jump off the page and demand an awesome video while others may require more technical content demonstrating specifications, features and engineering detail. What is the solution for these more technical products? 


The Revolution has Begun 

An amazing revolution in the media field over the past ten years has been the democratization video equipment, enabling Hollywood-level production for marketers everywhere. And quietly, beyond traditional video, 3D animation has gone through the same revolution.  With CAD STEP files that engineering and product development departments already have, stunning animation can be produced to perfectly demonstrate your product in 3D, including focusing on components and design, which is difficult and expensive with traditional video. 

Promote your Products using 3D Animation

Utilize the existing design files your product and engineering teams already have! To learn more about improving your industry specific 3D content, contact a specialist at MarketScale today.