Content Development in the Digital World


Content, content, content. Today it’s the driving factor in the great game of marketing. But with so much content out there, it’s got to be quick, engaging and intentional to be effective and drive conversions. This is especially important in the sports world, where a quality brand can influence everything from fan participation, to sponsorship opportunities, to team culture.

Our guest on this episode of a Digital Marketing Professor Series, Benjamin Wright, a Professorial Lecturer at American University, has dedicated his research to this intersection of marketing in the sports world. He’s spent his career seeing how social media is powering marketing and how companies are cultivating their brand. When Wright was in college athletics and sports agencies, personal brand was already very important, and that was back in 2008 before the true explosion of social media.

In this episode, Wright talks about the tools that are available to marketing professionals and how he prepares his students to use creativity and big data to create quality content. “Strategy has to be at the forefront of every decision that we’re making,” Wright said. “It’s not necessarily building a digital strategy, it’s looking at strategy in a digital world.”