Growing Our Operation: Searching for a Data-Driven Senior Operations Leader

Innovation is what pushes businesses forward, and in today’s technology driven world, leaders that innovate drive progress across organizations. At the heart of most companies is Operations, a department that efficiently and effectively manages complex processes across every part of the business.


In this Careers Podcast, MarketScale B2B Media Producer Tyler Kern speaks with Vice President of Operations, Sergio Reyes, to discuss the open role of Senior Manager, Operations at MarketScale, a Dallas-based leadership role.

The Senior Manager, Operations, will oversee daily digital marketing operations for MarketScale, an analytics-driven B2B content marketing firm and publisher. Reyes is looking for a candidate who has a combination of traditional operations skills and a modern understanding of software and technology.

This role will provide the opportunity to manage and grow a team that strives for, and achieves operational excellence.

What is it like to work at MarketScale? Find out why Reyes says if MarketScale were a band it would be Led Zeppelin, what position this role would play on a basketball team, and what the most rewarding part of this job will be.

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