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Learning from the Past and Moving Forward in Sales
November 5, 2019
Adapting Strategies to Differing Markets
Adapting Strategies to Differing Markets
November 19, 2019

Building Trust and Authenticity Through Marketing

Building Trust in Marketing

Marketing has often been seen as advertising, which is fleeting. But marketing today is changing. Stories and customer experience are imperative for businesses.  It’s no longer brand driven marketing strategy, but brand driven business strategy.

Traditional advertising is declining and experiences is driving forward as most important. Anything that touches the customer is marketing and part of the experience.

How is storytelling important in talking with prospective clients?

When brands are truly separating themselves from competitors they are adding an authentic and emotional element to their strategy. They explain why they are uniquely qualified to meet the buyers need. And to do that, personalization is key.

This week on Maverick of Marketing we talk with  Lauri Waidner, Marketing Manager for Champion Manufacturing, discussing the power of storytelling to build authenticity. 

Empathy, and storytelling help build trust. “Trust is like oxygen, you have to have it in order to establish a relationship,” says Waidner. Today’s marketplace is saturated and thus trust is of essence to a foundation. Purchases today are more trust based.  And thus, people need to see themselves within a brand through experience and relationships.

For more, listen to this weeks episode of Maverick of Marketing.