Elevating Your Brand to Celebrity Status


Branding is more than just a logo in 2019. It’s the way that customers recognize and experience your business. With social media being the easiest and most cost effective way to reach any audience, branding your business on those platforms is crucial. What’s the best example to turn to for successful, engaging branding? Celebrity twitter might have the answer.

“With Drake or Kanye or some of these celebrities in music, they treat their brand a certain way and really branded themselves to get successful,” said Nick Minor, Business Development Manager at MarketScale. “Not only are they doing music but they’re doing movies, being sponsored by Apple Music, that’s a big one. This is something that businesses can do as well, leveraging what they’re doing to get more business.”

Minor, having previously worked on branding initiatves with the Calgary Flames’ AAA affiliate, joined us on this episode of MarketScale Thought Leaders to give his personal insight on why looking at the way that celebrities represent themselves as a brand, constantly differentiating themselves from other celebrities, is a technique that business need to adopt to stand out. B2B marketers have consistently cited brand awareness as their top goal over the last 5 years, and Minor is here to get you closer to that goal.Minor Podcast 1-18-1