Being a Data Driven Dad

Just a short while ago, I would not have been able to provide an opinion on this topic. Over the last five weeks though, I’ve gone through the most transformative period in my life: I’ve become a dad.


As an analyst through and through, I’ve been constantly exposed to ways that my profession (data) is interwoven to my new job (dad). From the size/development data on the little one before he was born, through the massive amount of data around his birth and first days, to the technology and tools we use to monitor him on a daily basis, data is everywhere.

In regard to the current data my wife and I are collecting, it blew my mind to learn that there were products available that provide and record such deep levels of health data.

Owlet, for example, measures heart rate, blood oxygen percentage and sleep stages on a nightly basis. This allows my wife and I to have peace of mind. As a parent, that feeling is immeasurable by data.

The makers of that product have done an excellent job at selling peace of mind, and for new parents this resonates far more than any set of data.

The fact that data is impacting my day-to-day as a father in a tangible way only goes to show how useful data can be for other big decisions, one that could drive the direction of a company’s marketing efforts, partnerships and product offerings. Especially when it comes to content, you can’t really tell if your videos, podcasts or blogs are having an impact without the data behind them.

Data, technology, marketing, parenting. Who knew they’d all be so connected?

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