Antigua Sailing Week 2018 With SiOnyx

MarketScale visited Antigua last weekend with SiOnyx for the opening night of Antigua Sailing Week 2018 to showcase the SiOnyx Aurora night-vision action camera.

Antigua Sailing Week is full of sailing races, deep sea fishing, and festivities to celebrate the days out on the water. It dates back to 1968 when some friends wanted to put together a regatta. Antigua is the ‘Island for All Seasons’ and they wanted people to stay there longer than just the winter season. This event was such a big success that it has happened every year since and is still going strong. More and more sponsors are joining in on Antigua Sailing Week with different programs and events evolving over time.


With the early success of their Kickstarter campaign, SiOnyx was excited to showcase their product to many people that are a part of their target market. SiOnyx’s Aurora is the world’s first waterproof day and night camera and is the only high-definition, color action-camera with true day and night imaging. Antigua Sailing Week was the perfect opportunity for potential customers to check out the Aurora Night-Vision Camera as the festivities lasted into the night. People were blown away by the night vision. SiOnyx is proving true that “this isn’t a camera. It’s an experience.”

To learn more, visit or the highly successful Kickstarter campaign that has achieved 400% of it’s $50,000 goal!