MarketScale People Manager Success – SHRM PMQ

MarketScale People Manager Success – SHRM PMQ

Emily Rector
May 19, 2021

At MarketScale we always strive to internally promote our employees that exhibit strong leadership qualities. With these promotions comes the ability for our employees to take on new responsibilities and grow in their careers as managers. As some of our managers are new to leading a team, they are faced with situations and opportunities that they have yet to encounter.

Along with training and guidance from the leadership team here at MarketScale, we have also invested in certifications to help them respond to these new people manager situations. One of these certifications is the newly released SHRM People Manager Qualification (PMQ).


The PMQ is a self-paced, virtual learning experience that aims to enable managers to build people management and team leadership skills through interactive and engaging edutainment episodes. The training focuses on four key areas of people management:

  • Effective Communication
  • Performance Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Situational Judgement


We had a group of 12 managers recently complete the PMQ over a period of a few weeks. These managers are now fully prepared to handle people manager duties and possess situational judgement to guide them in making key decisions when it comes to the success of their team. This certification has also taught them how to motivate and engage employees which has helped us to retain talent and grow as a company.

With these new certifications, our managers will also contribute to the preservation of our company culture which is driven by hard work, collaboration and innovation. Our managers being able to unite their teams to help achieve goals results in company wins, growth and success.

We would like to congratulate our managers who completed their SHRM PMQ and we are excited to see them grow and lead their teams here at MarketScale.

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